May 2015 Southeastern Michigan Real Estate Update

Michigan Real Estate - 1st Quarter 2015

Home Prices Heat Up for Spring

The following five states posted the highest home price appreciation (including distressed sales) year-over-year, according to CoreLogic’s latest index:
Michigan is 3rd at 8.5%
Colorado: +9.8%
South Carolina: +9.3%
Michigan: +8.5%
Texas: +8.5%
Wyoming: +8.4%

Home Appraisal is too low: now what?

The current market has improved so much since the bottom of the market. So, how it that the majority of the homes appraise while once in a while, we see a home appraisal come in low.

What can be done if you are faced with a low appraisal when buying or selling a home.

Note the last tip, but not one to overlook if your job caused you to move more than 50 might be able to write off some of that expense.

Martin County Florida Home and Condo Sales Up Again

Real Estate One February 2015 Market Update

New Clarkston Listing - 5601 Wembley Court Clarkston Michigan

The Best Season to Sell a House

Big, Ugly Reversal For Mortgage Rates
February 6, 2015
Market Summary


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