Yes, buying a home can be intimidating or maybe downright scary!  Allow us to help maneuaver you through the maze towards home ownership.

While residents of Florida are most concerned about being prepared, safe, and possibly evacuating their homes, Our Florida Board of Realtors is already sending out several articles of advice for the many homeowners who's homes may be damaged by Hurricane Irma

Lost Lake Woods Club Real Estate Update August 2017

This "Recasting a Mortgage" is a great option for those buyers who are concerned about selling their current home not knowing if they can secure the next one.  Recasting is offered by our in-house Mortgage Company and our Mortgage Team will be happy to discuss the best financial options available. 

An appraisal is an important part of many real estate transactions. An appraisal is typically done if a buyer requires a mortgage loan to purchase a property. The appraisal is done by an appraiser (who is licensed), and it's based on multiple data gathered during an inspection by the appraiser. When it comes to appraisals, there are many myths or misconceptions around them. Whether you're looking to buy a home, looking to refinance a current mortgage, or you're looking for more information about all that goes into real estate transactions, here are some of the most common myths when it comes to appraisals.


Buying a home in today's real estate market can be a challenge when there are fewer homes available for sale.  It's important to be as prepared as possible when you locate the home you want to buy.  We have included a couple tips here for your to consider.

The Real Estate Market is strong but that comes with many challenges for both the Sellers and the Buyers. Understanding these challenges can help you be prepared when faced with decisions along the way.  


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